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General Director’s Office

The General Directorate is an executive body charged with planning, directing, organizing, regulating, monitoring, supervising and evaluating the execution of the Institution's plans, programs and projects, proposing, based on the evaluation of the results, the adoption of measures related to the reformulation of the same. The Director General can hold the position during four years, and can be reappointed for another four.

The Directorate-General is the sector responsible for the management of the IFMG, including all academic campuses. Its members and representative bodies provide service to the internal and external community and the planning of actions to be carried out, always aiming at the development of the Institute and the benefits for society.

The General Directorate comprises the Office, Academic Council, Ombudsman, Audit and Coordination of Patrimonial and Community Security, Coordination of Student Assistance, Coordination of People Management, Coordination of Institutional Affairs and the following Boards of Directors:

●    Boards of Teaching Director;
●    Boards of Extension, Sports and Culture Director;
●    Boards of Innovation, Research and Graduate Studies Director;
●    Boards of Planning & Administration Director.


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